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Religion of Millions of Gods

The legend says that Ganesha was born while his father Shiva was away on a hunting trip. As in many stories from the heroic or mythical ages, Ganesha was born full-grown, and he was protecting his mother when his father returned. Finding this stranger near his wife’s bath, Shiva promptly beheaded him. When Shiva discovered that he had in fact beheaded his own son, he promised Parvati to restore his head with the first head he encountered. Unfortunately, the first creature Shiva beheld was an elephant.


With almost 33 million of gods and goddesses the Hindu system of beliefs gives a kind of freedom in choosing the one being worshipped in particular. Regional and family traditions can play a large role in influencing this choice. Ganesha, the god of power and wisdom is extremely popular in the Indian state of Maharashtra.


However not him but his father is one of the most important gods in Hindu mythology. Shiva the destroyer, together with Brahma the creator and Wishnu the preserver they are considered as Trimurti, three aspects of the universal supreme God.

Hindu practices include daily rituals such as puja, recitations, annual festivals and occasional pilgrimages with amazing, vibrant temples in the centre of this, always full of life, giving a great insight into the Hindu great heritage and its influence on Indian society.



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