2015 — September

Large metropolitan areas of Asia

Mumbai, Bangkok, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Delhi, Singapore and Yangontriple the number of population of Poland with only Mumbai counting for 21 million being the most populous area in India and fifth in the world. Waving through streets of Bangkok it is sometimes hard to see the scale of the city and believe you are in one of the Asian megacities, metropolitan areas of more than 10 million of residence.


The megacities population is experiencing continuous explosive growth reflecting global migration trends, facing issues and raising questions about sustainability.

There is little doubt that the massive global migration to urban centres is irreversible and unstoppable with forecast of 60 percent of the global population living in cities by 2030. For governments, businesses and policymakers trying to manage that explosive growth it presents challenges in areas of stress on infrastructure, pollution, poverty, increasing crime and social inequality.


The souls of big cities in Asia are shaped by their residents, people that are being attracted by endless opportunities, eager of success and creating dynamic and inspiring environment. This vivid atmosphere makes them developing at the fastest rates, moves the world business centres to the east and gives the opportunity to experience Asia as it is today and pretend to be tomorrow.



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